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The Results You Want
A Broad Footprint
A Deep Focus
The Synaptic Leadership Team was assembled from senior executives from some of the world's leading international businesses.
What We Do. What We've Done
From start-ups to the Fortune™ 100, across dozens of industries, spanning manufacturers and service companies alike, Synaptic has helped clients solve some of today's toughest technological, organizational, and financial challenges. Here are a few snapshots of how, together, our cleints and we succeeded...


Risk Modulated℠ Project Management
Customer Centric Innovation
Project Estimation
Project Remediation
Product Cost Reduction
CFO Services
Lean Accounting
Integrated Quality Process
Lean Process Improvement
Offshoring Best Practices
Technical Due Diligence

Microsoft .NET
SQL Server and Oracle
LAMP Open Source Web Platform
Andriod and iOS
Cryptography and Data Security
Smart Cards

Software Estimation
Risk Modulated℠ Project Management
Lean Process Improvement and Kaizen
Lean Accounting

Project Management Office BPO
Product Development BPO
Testing Services
Cost and Working Capital Reduction Programs
Low-Cost Country Sourcing
Interim C-Level Services
Enterprise-Wide Cost Reduction

Risk Modulated℠ Project Management

CFO Services

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